EnglishDeutschISDP Interregional School of Development Practitioners

Slide Wanting future! ISDP:
perceiving and recognising
Slide Shaping living worlds!

understanding and connecting
Slide Bringing about sustainable future! ISDP:
practical and comprehensive


What strengthens in the spirit sets us free!
The sense of liberty, to animate one’s own thoughts!
The wisdom to connect with the excluded correctly!
The courage to create our worlds anew!
The interest to recognise the other,
to connect as a human being among human beings,
to serve the other in free will!
The insight of nature as an earthly cosmos, healthily cultivated;
Respecting the spirit-borne basis of life, the earth!
Nothing less demands the future!
Nothing less describes our task!

Our Vision

An earth of autonomous bioregions
As sovereign partners of a world in which
– the economy is based on the biospheres,
– the future is seen in human development,
via the increase of wisdom born knowledge and the decrease of materialism,
– every human being recognizes the freedom in doing the right thing!
A world, which deserves to be called a civilization!


The School

The Interregional School for Development Practitioners is a free educational initiative, politically and denominationally independent, with the goal of raising interest for relevant questions for a humane future and stimulating the desire to build liveable environments and the necessary skills to achieve that goal.

Job Profile

Development practitioners are the builders of the future. The future offers many opportunities. The task of development practitioners is to help identifying the right ones and to communicate them and connect them with the humans.

Principles of Education

Education must be free to dignify humanity as capable of freedom!


Our school is an institution for adult education: adult education means self-responsible learning.


The course for certified development practitioners is of modular structure. The foundation modules are based on familiarizing students with the contents of the training.