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Projektfonds ConVive

Donations from Heart to Heart!

Donate to the Interregional School for Development Practitioners (ISDP), and give the gift of education. To do this, either send your donation to the Foundation account Stiftung Freie Gemeinschaftsbank, Basel, Switzerland IBAN CH26 0839 2000 0282 2031 5 with ‘Fonds ConVive/ISDP- Educational Voucher’ written in the transfer information or simply make an unrestricted donation.

More and more there are meaningful and justified requests that can not find financial support (e.g. start-up financing for sustainable projects, fees for new and sustainable education and training or support for asylum seekers, especially those without residence status) or when the effort exceeds individual resources to get (often small) amounts (e.g. one-time payment for therapy that is not covered by health insurance).

There are also people who have money set aside that they would like to donate directly to help people or other good causes – possibly even locally – or they do simply do not want to give their money (or a part of it) to traditional, large organizations, but would prefer to support small initiatives.

Donations can be made to ISDP’s Stiftung Freie Gemeinschaftsbank Basel, Switzerland, IBAN CH26 0839 2000 0282 2031 5 with ‘Fonds ConVive/ISDP- Educational Voucher’ written. Donations are tax deductible in Switzerland. For tax deductions in other countries, please, contact the Foundation (Stiftung Freie Gemeinschaftsbank Basel: ). A corresponding tax certificate will be issued by the Foundation’s office at the beginning of the following year.

The fund’s purpose is two-folded:

  • The fund wants to support people regardless of their origin and residence status in Switzerland and abroad with assistance that is not covered by the public sector or insurance – preferably, but not exclusively, in the areas of education, social support and health (e.g. biography work, non-medical crisis support, job coaching, education for sustainable development).
  • The Foundation offers people the opportunity to donate to support issues close to the heart. This is done in a transparent, personal setting that shows who the donation is helping and for what, while still being done in a professional setting that is tax deductible. Grants are given directly, without the usual red tape, very little overhead costs and to individuals with the goal of alleviating or remedying a hardship; improving standard of living or personal development and education; supporting resilience and self-empowerment and promoting skills that serve communities. The money in the fund is intended to improve the general well being of communities. Support may be one off or given multiple times.

In addition to these focal areas, however, other funding is also possible (e.g., projects or initiatives), provided that it does not conflict with the purpose of the Stiftung Freie Gemeinschaftsbank.

The decisive factor for a grant is that it covers areas that are not financed by the state. It should be supplementary funding, not a substitute for state welfare obligations.

The fund is provided with free or earmarked donations. Disbursement orders are submitted to the foundation by authorized representatives. The foundation checks these for non-profit status within the framework of the foundation and takes over the administrative management of the payments.

The initiators of this initiative are the Baumgartner siblings Sena Susanne and Michael Urs. They refer persons to be supported to the fund and certify applications in writing.

In addition, the grant review is carried out by an appointed committee, one or two (depending of the amount) of whom sign vis-à-vis the foundation and trigger the disbursements. The initiators determines who takes part in the granting committee. All this work is carried out on a voluntary bases.

The donation account is managed by the Stiftung Freie Gemeinschaftsbank. It receives the donations, keeps them for the fund of the Initiative ConVive and disburses the money according to the order of the authorized representatives of the Initiative ConVive.

The foundation keeps records of the movements on the account and issues donation receipts. The ConVive Fund shall contribute a fee to the costs of the Foundation in accordance with the contribution regulations of the Foundation as amended from time to time. The fees are charged to the Fund ConVive annually.