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Michael Urs Baumgartner

Michael Urs Baumgartner



To help humans – especially the younger generations – to develop their individual human potential and find their place in a changing world.

To work and teach freely!

To live life beyond the ‘mainstream’. To being embedded in life according to age and meet inspiring individuals.

Other and previous activities

Conducted biography work at the Center for Integrative Oncology (ZIO) in Zurich; lecturer for integration assistance and communication in the field of integration.

Work with various NGOs in the areas of environmental justice, environmental protection, corporate responsibility, integration, adult education, health promotion and human rights, and in the health and social education field. Former facilitator for the program Zwäg_Du Seisch Wo Düre in schools of the city of Bern;

Main author of the mood swing calendar jung&stark to introduce feelings to children and juveniles. Co-editor of ‘Du Seisch Wo Düre & Zwäg’ a practical handbook for promoting mental health in adolescents and young adults. Author of ‘Die Psycho-Sozialen Betreuung von Folteropfern und ihre Bedeutung für die Sozialarbeit’ published by Edition Soziothek Bern.

Establishment and management of the course for intercultural interpreting; TRIALOG in Zurich.

Since 1988, in both Switerland and abroad, has been conducting in German and English one-day and several-day workshops, seminars and courses including following areas:

Biography work and self-development, empowerment, resource work and development of resilience, community building and sustainability, three-folding of the social organism (according to Rudolf Steiner), ecocide law, corporate responsibility, (intercultural) communication, promotion of self- and social competencies, health promotion, suicide prevention, project management, human rights and human rights instruments, critical thinking and psycho-social, political and scientific aspects of aids, homosexuality, end-of-life care and pastoral care.

Target groups: Adolescents and adults, committed laypersons/volunteers, and professionals of various professional orientations.

Education and further training

Studies in applied ethics (Master’s degree) and intercultural work and conflict management (Master’s degree); training in social work (MSW) with a focus on community development and empowerment; basic commercial training

Further education among others in hospital chaplaincy, as well as biography work (according to Dr. Rudolf Steiner), in neuro-systemic coaching, organizational development, sustainable development, environmental consulting, neuro-linguistic programming, international human rights instruments and externalized emotion work (according to Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross) as well as public-relations/communication.

Member of the International Association for Community Development IACD , the EU-COST-Action on Deliberative Democracy CONSTDELIB, the Team Forum Neustart Switzerland and on the Board of Neustart Switzerland.