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Principels of education

Education must be free and autonomous in order to dignify human being and enable one to be capable of freedom!

Our school accepts neither ties that bind nor guidelines that restrict this educational freedom other than conforming with the fundamental basic and human rights and freedoms and abstaining from hate-speech or call for violence and is guided by the following educational principles:

Old knowledge & new insight: Our school aims to combine old knowledge and a culture corresponding to being human with newly acquired insight and accessible science. This is based on evidence deserving the name because it creates knowledge, without blinders or censorship, not following any trend.

(aimed at) On-site learning: In particular, activity-oriented modules require a place where creative action can occur. Accordingly, training modules are aimed to be carried out where there is space for practical implementation.

Regionality: Entire courses or individual modules are to be carried out regionally in order to link the needs of a community or region with its resources (e.g. financial resources) wherever possible, with the aim of creating (more) liveable and sustainable situations and guidance for the region.

Learning environment: All modules are designed to fit the needs of the learning content and the the learner’s potential. They are carried out where appealing learning environments and necessary localities are available.

Self-determined learning: Adults decide for themselves which competences are relevant to them and how and to what extent they want to learn them.

Teaching competence: Teachers know their subject and can pass it on in an interesting and target group-appropriate way.

Co-teaching: Developmental practice means being able to instruct. Learners bring experiences and skills that can be incorporated into the learning processes. According to their abilities and interests, they are involved as co-teachers at certain points and thus actively promoted in their instructional competence.